Trek: Fully Integrated Airline Software

Trek is the most complete and most secure airline software designed for the small airline. Trek was created specifically for the Northwest and Alaskan airline market, including zone-based faring and flexible routing. But more than that, Trek is fully integrated, eliminating the need for data double entry. Each process has been designed to be easy intuitive to use. Some of our features:

  • Web Integration: The Trek online bookings easily integrate into your current website, but the reservations and customer information changes are saved in the Trek database automatically.
  • Trek Integration: Reservations, Dispatch, Maintenance, and Operations all work together. For instance, if a plane is assigned to a route but requires maintenance, you will be alerted.
  • Accounting Integration: Information from Trek can be set to automatically feed into your accounting system.
  • Other systems: Trek can handle GDS, APIS, FAA reports, and more.
  • Security: Internally to your company, Trek does not run on HTML screens, which are prone to web attacks and dependent on which browser is used. Instead, they run on a more secure encrypted system (which is also faster) used by banks and other highly secure systems.
  • Cloud or not? Trek runs “in the cloud” on a hosted server in a secure location. However, you also have the option of running it locally on your own server.
  • Simple fee structure: Fees are based on number of reservations or revenue. Rates depend on how many flights: rates decrease as your airline grows.

 Trek Features